How to Ensure Quality when Buying Online Fashion

Buying clothing online is easy, convenient, and can be very cost-effective. However, certain trade-offs can make this deal not worth it: obscure sizing, quality of material, and poorly made articles of clothing. These are the biggest fears of online shoppers, and all are actually fairly easily preventable. Following are a few options to consider when buying online fashion.


If the site does not present a sizing chart in inches or centimeters, stay away or go big. Clothing sizing tends to run small online compared to U.S. sizing due to the average size of the person in each respective place. For instance, Asian women’s clothing will be significantly smaller in size than American. Having an exact inch or centimeter measurement for the article of clothing removes any need to guess. The most reliable format for this measurement is bust/waist/length separately. Remember that this number is the actual size of the shirt, not the size that you are. Take movement room into consideration for sizing.

Quality of Material

The main mistake people make when determining the quality of the material is using the picture as a reference. Editing can make a world of difference in the quality of photos, and this is not always a good thing for the shopper. Instead of judging by a misleading photo, look in the description. There should be some indication of the type of material. Even if it is not spelled out for the buyer and doesn’t specify 100% cotton or polyester blend, the care instructions can also indicate the material type. This section is also wonderful for determining how stretchy the fabric is. If all else fails, check buyer reviews.

Quality of Design

This one is the most difficult to determine for the average shopper. Most clothing companies are not going to spell out the details of where they cut costs, and in turn, reduced the quality of your item. This isn’t always the case, though. The best indicator are buyer reviews. These people have bought the item and know how it fits and what it looks like. If there are no buyer reviews, you can also consider the price of the item itself: higher priced items are much more likely to be a quality product as they are hoping for return buyers for their profits.

When buying clothing online, transparency is the number one giveaway. A company giving details will provide the best quality.