Why Do People Watch Movies

Movies are already part of ones journey, as a matter of fact; there are some who believes that movies are just screen (and even digital) versions of their own lives. Like music, some movies depicts the true emotions of the creators; it could sometimes be a remake of real life events or about a persons wildest dreams. There are even some horror filme which are too realistic that some people feel as if its already telling the story of their lives.

Watching movies is also one of the most popular hobbies of people worldwide (next to sleeping and eating). Well, who havent watched any of the Harry Potter movie series or Julia Robertss smash blockbuster Pretty Woman? There are also horror filme such as The Exorcist which are being revived and improved to cater to the taste of the new generation. These movies, along with a million more, are celebrated not only in the movie industry; these movies are also seen as alternative worlds, they are real scenes that happen at the same time that we live our meager lives.

Some people might ask, why do people watch horror filme? Whats with movies that make people want to keep watching even if theyve seen the same plot before? What can horror filme enthusiasts gain from watching their favorite stars act? Go on ahead and bring a pack of popcorn with you as we try to experience the same entertainment that movie enthusiasts enjoy.

The advantages of watching a horror filme starts with the fact that movies could open up your mind and fill it with a wide variety of thoughts, ideas and imagination. Lets say you are watching a horror DVD that you bought from the internet just recently. As you watch the movie, you would find that there is that tension that builds up inside you and after the movie, you will most definitely find that the tension is still in the air; you will feel that chilly sweat running down your skin and when you close your eyes, you would even realize that the scenes from that movie you have watched is still running inside your head. Freaky as it may seem, but thats your brain, painting the descriptive pictures in your head, making you experience the terror.

Next, watching other types of films could also present to you ideas about the current situations that are happening around you. With these situations, you could also gain knowledge; in fact, you could even use these things you see from the movies for your research papers, for additional information and for more details that would make your paper a little more defined and specific. As a matter of fact, if you were someone researching about things like the thoughts of a few known people about whatever your topic is, then maybe the movie involving any of their characters would and could answer your own questions, especially when it has any connections to politics itself or any political conspiracies. Plus, movies could add up to the knowledge you already have, whether you are just watching a movie for fun or if it is something for your school work or it is for some thoughts that you and your friends have been fighting over.

Lastly, a horror filme is a wonderful gift to a close friend or even your relatives. Let them share the terror you felt with your favorite horror movie. In most cases, when you have no idea what to give, you can always buy a DVD. Some people also say that love starts when a persons brain cells are hyperactive, so treat that special person in your life with a horror filme, and make them fall in love with you