• Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist for Prom

    Getting ready for a big special event can pose many challenges. Getting dressed in a way you aren’t accustomed to because you’re wearing a fancy dress, heels, special undergarments and jewelry that you are not used to having on everyday. This can be especially amplified for teens going to their junior and senior proms. For many it is their first big event and getting ready can be difficult. Hiring an on demand makeup artist and going to a hair salon are good ways to help with getting your teen daughter ready for her big day. And to make it a bit more fun for her, she can do it with a few friends that are also going to the prom so they can have a good time while getting ready.

    Mastering the art of doing hair and makeup is difficult for adults, so for teenagers it is doubly challenging to be able to get themselves ready for a big event such as prom with considerably less years of practice. While some teens spend a lot of time on hair and makeup as preteens and teens, they are rarely skilled enough that it is done like a professional makeup artist can

  • Chris Evans Stop playing the role of Captain America

    During this time, many fans have speculated that Captain America in the Avengers films will be killed. Rumors about the character played by Chris Evans, referring to Chris Evans contract with Marvel which will end soon.

    Chris Evans once hinted that he would not renew the contract as Captain America with Marvel. “You want to get off the train before they push you out,” Chris Evans said in an interview with The New York Times.

    Apparently, the thing feared by Captain America fans has been answered. Through his personal Twitter account, Chris Evans indirectly said goodbye to the character he had played for eight years.

    Early Friday (05/10/2018), Chris Evans made tweets on his Twitter that immediately made fans upset. This 37-year-old actor thanked all those who have supported him as Captain America so far.

    “Officially completing (shooting) Avengers 4. This is an emotional day if it can be called that. Playing this character for 8 years is an honor. For everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience seats, thank you for the memories. Forever thankful, “Evans wrote.

    This Tweet was immediately given a response from fans of the actors from all over the world. #ThankYouChrisEvans has become a

  • Animation in Movies

    Animation and game design have mostly fallen into two categories in the past. Either you worked on animation for children’s films or focus on the animation for video games. But today, many young leaders to realize that their options are becoming more diverse as the film’s graphic novel and video game industry has begun to overlap.

    Merge Media

    Today, more and more games to become video movies. The success of the last decade: Doom, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider. All these films were based on the popular video game that was created by animation professionals and games. Film directors realized that to preserve the look and feel of the game, they had to learn to know these games inside and out. They are often called game design experts as consultants to help them achieve that goal. There are few people as loyal as gamers, then capture the look right and was crucial to the success of these films.

    graphic novels, a genre of writing known for its very graphic illustration style has also created a recent film. The two most notable are Sin City and 300, both based on violence, action-packed graphic novels. In both cases, the films made by actors,

  • Digitalization Of Entertainment

    Consumers have moved rapidly to adopting digital formats for consuming entertainment-related content. The most obvious example of this is music and video downloads, with Apple’s iTunes and YouTube as leading examples. Apple has sold more than one billion songs via its iTunes music store and it continues to demonstrate a spectacular rate of growth. Over 30,000,000 individuals have purchased an iPod portable music device, and tens of millions of other consumers use one of dozens of other portable devices to listen to music. Other platforms for listening to music are equally successful, and in the case of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player even more dominant with over 90,000,000 systems running the software globally. Real Networks Rhapsody, and Yahoo! Music represent other major entrants in this space. In addition to those companies selling licensed music downloads for a fee, peer-to-peer networks such as Limewire and Morpheus claim to have tens of millions of users sharing music and other files on a continual basis.

    As consumers have become comfortable purchasing (and stealing) music online, they are now beginning to download other digital forms of entertainment, including music videos, short-subject films, television shows, and even full-length Hollywood pictures. Traditional media companies have recognized the opportunity

  • iPad music and eBook apps

    If you do have an iPad or are planning on getting one, you should know that you are in for a wonderful world of music and eBooks-centric applications to play with. Following list shows top 8 iPad music apps and iPad ebook apps for you.

    iPad music apps

    1. StreamToMe

    The StreamToMe application lets you use your iPad to play video and music files in a wide variety of formats without prior conversion streamed directly over WiFi from your Mac or PC. If you connect the video-out cable for iPad, StreamToMe can play through your TV, turning your iPhone/iPod plus Mac/PC into a home.

    2. Shiny Drum

    Shiny Drum is a music application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad designed by OutOfTheBit and Leo Di Angilla, the creators of Vintage Drum (app featured by Apple in many countries), iBongos, iCongas, iTimbales, iPandeiro.

    3. TabToolkit

    TabToolkit for iPad is an Apple Design Awards 2010 winner! TabToolkit is an incredibly powerful guitar tablature and music notation viewer, now with multi-track playback! An essential tool for learning and practicing music, TabToolkit includes an audio synthesis engine so you can listen to and control the audio for all tracks individually.

    4. Beatwave

    Create amazing beats and tunes without any musical ability using Beatwave

  • How To Be A Good Music Beat Maker

    In the music game there are few that are really successful beat makers. Most find that learning how to make music beats is not enough to succeed. If you look at the resume of a successful music beat maker such as Pharrell Williams, you can see what I mean. This legend has worked with more artists than you can shake a stick at and he’s multi-talented too.

    Of course, even the big players in the music business began small before they became successful. Building a network of clientele is one way to expand and make more money, but unless you can make great beats every time you’re not going to move up on the ladder.

    Being a beat maker does mean you’ll have to spend money on music equipment and have a vast selection of samples and effects. Putting a beat together isn’t the hard part, making it sound good is. You need samples, effects and instruments to make a standard beat pop. A real music beat maker knows how to make simple drum loops interesting and how to create different styles.

    Immerse yourself in music and try and think outside the box when creating beats. A good way to enhance your skills

  • Easy Way To Rip Spotify Music

    Many people are looking to get a Spotify ripper app to rip and copy records from Spotify to the laptop or computer or mp3 media player such as ipod nano so that you can listen to music at no cost whenever you want! Select from the many totally free records avaliable on Spotify and play them on your desktop without an internet connection.

    What’s Spotify?

    Spotify is a amazing music player that brings you to stream any number of records from all of your loved musicians without cost. It is actually available in 2 versions, free and also premium (nine/30 day). The invitation only cost-free version will let you to enjoy to songs without cost and is paid for by advertisements which you hear between every few music. The premium version will be a subscription based that indicates for a monthly fee you can listen to music advertising free and in better quality. Spotify is available for Pc, Macintosh and in a mobile version for mobile phones such as the iphone. More details can be found on the Spotify site.

    What is ripping music and songs from Spotify?

    Songs ripping means that you will capture tracks from Spotify on to your pc letting you

  • Most Popular Movie Cars Top 10 List

    Cars are rarely the star of the show, but there are always cars that steal the spotlight and take the glory for themselves. Here are 10 of the most popular cars on TV and in movies, cars that are legends in their own right:

    Aston Martin DB5 This 1964 car was featured in the James Bond movie “Goldfinger”, and it was the car that made headlines as the perfect James Bond car. Since that day and up until just a few years ago, James Bond only ever drove the Aston Martin a top car thanks to its 282 HP engine, 4 liter, 6-cylinder engine, bulletproof glass, machine guns, and radar (the last three dont come with the regular car).

    DeLorean DMC-12 — Marty McFly and Doc Brown drove through time in this 1981 car, and you will find that its definitely a car that belongs on this list. Its engine is a hybrid that uses nuclear and electric power, the doors are gull-wings, the car actually runs on trash and can fly! The manual transmission had 5 speeds, the car ran in rear-wheel drive, and it was the first car with a flux capacitor.

    Ferrari 250 GT This 1961 car was featured in

  • Auto Sound Systems are Becoming Entertainment Systems

    Auto Sound Systems are Becoming Entertainment Systems

    If you’ve been shopping lately for an auto sound system then I am fairly certain that you’ve come across several full entertainment systems among those in the running for your audio and entertainment dollars. Vehicles today offer everything from DVD players, individual speakers, headphones (also individually adjustable), and even dual players that will allow one different audio to be played in one section of the vehicle than another. In addition to all of these wonderful and nifty devices are many more devices that are meant to tempt, sway, and convince you to spend even more money on the auto sound system of your dreams. Some of these even offer MP3 players that connect directly to the audio system of your car, truck, or SUV.

    The jury is still out for many people about the safety and sense of having a DVD player in your automobile. While this is the case, people will continue purchasing DVD players are part and parcel of their sound and entertainment systems and manufacturers will continue putting together attractive packages that offer these devices to consumers while offering incredible bargains on installation. I know that many feel that this is an

  • How To Play Blu-ray Movies With Xbmc

    While XBMC functions very well as a standard media player application for your computer, it has been designed to be the perfect companion for your HTPC. Supporting an almost endless range of remote controls, and combined with its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, XBMC feels very natural to use from the couch and is the ideal solution for your home theater. The free multimedia player XBMC is much favored by Xbox owners, especially for its wide range of video and audio codec. (Click for detailed guide of Play Blu-ray Movies on XBOX 360)

    However, XBMC does not naturally support original Blu-ray playback. By Blu-ray here I mean commercial blu-ray discs which are copy-protected. In fact no other than authorized BD players should be able to play commercial blu-ray discs. This is not an issue of codec; its about the copy-protections. Besides, XBMC need C/C++ open source software libraries for all of these things to fully support Blu-ray playback. However, there is not yet any C/C++ open source software out there yet capable of fully playing back Blu-ray. In order to play blu-ray with XBMC, you have to crack the BD copy protections including AACS (up to MKBv17), BD+, region code